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The Trojan Horse




Traditional fontinella cheese served flaming at your table with two quartered pitas. Opah! $8

Hot-n-Spicy Flaming fontinella cheese with chipotles in adobo sauce. More Opahs!!! $9

Black Bean Hummus
Uh huh! Made with black beans instead of chick peas, all spiced up hummus-like! Served with two pitas. $5.50

Stuffed Grape Leaves
(Dolmas) Stuffed with rice, almonds and currants. Three per order. Served warm. $5.25

Chick peas and tahini, blended and spiced up just right… scoop it up with two quartered pitas. $5.50

Traditional Mediterranean salad with bulghur wheat, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, parsley and spices. $5.25

(Spinach Pie) A filo pastry filled with spinach and cheese. Better order more than one! 4.75

Meatballs Kokkinisto
A blend of beef and lamb seasoned just right with Parmesan and Fontinella cheeses baked right in. Topped with a hearty Greek red sauce. $6.25

Spinach and feta cheese spread served with two quartered pitas – think of it as hummus for cheeseheads. $5.50


Greek Sampler icon_zeus_favorite
Hummus, Cheesepa’rer, Black Bean Hummus and Tabouleh served with two quartered pitas. A great beginning! $7.25

Add Three-pepper Spice $1
Kick up your appetizer with fresh 
jalapeños, fresh red peppers and crushed red pepper.


Handcut daily with Walter’s slicer. $3..95

Super Fries
A whole basket full of ’em. $5.65

Jalapeño Straws
Fresh cut jalapeños breaded in our beer batter. Served with a side of jalapeño mayo. Olé! $5.25

Breaded Mushrooms
Only the best will do – all dipped in our beer batter. $4.75

Breaded Onion Rings
Fresh onion rings dipped in beer batter. $4.75

Breaded Green Peppers
A very fresh, dipped and battered veggie. $4.75

Breaded Dill Pickles
That’s right. Breaded pickle spears! $5.50

Mixed Veggies
Mushrooms, green peppers, jalapeño straws and onions all dipped in batter, fried and delicious. $6.50