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The Trojan Horse

The making of a Trojan Horse Gyro


Even a few years before we opened the door of The Trojan Horse, we were perfecting our secret Gyro recipe.

It all starts with the perfect mixture of lamb, beef and our own delicious blend of oregano, pepper, salt, garlic, lemon and onion. Ahhh… the flavors! Makes the mouth water!

Then we take our perfectly spiced and freshly ground gyros meat and begin to make the loaves that you see cooking on the spit as you pass by our window on Kirkwood Avenue.

This process has evolved tremendously over the years. And thank goodness it has! Back in the day, strong armed, young Greek Gods hand- formed each Gyros loaf. An extremely challenging physical task that took it’s toll on many a shoulder.

As we began to realize that there were a limited number of young Greek Gods with strong arms, as they were often called away to fight wars or hide in large wooden horses,we began to search for the mother of all patty machines.

Closely resembling a small hay baler, our new Super Gyros machine could pack Gyros patties round the clock, releasing the young Greek Gods and their strong shoulders to more important matters… such as avenging damsels in distress or participating in the Olympic Games.

Now we can take the tubs full of Gyros patties, or mini Gyros, and form them on to the vertical cooking spit…and Edó! (Voilá in Greek) You now have one Gyros loaf ready to cook!

And the rest, as they say, is history. You stroll along and glance through the window at the corner of Kirkwood and Walnut and there it is…your lunch, your dinner…being cooked right before your eyes. The perfectly spiced and blended Gyros meat served in fresh pita bread topped with our own homemade Zaziki sauce, fresh onions and tomatoes.