Restaurant & Tavern
The Trojan Horse

Beverages & Desserts


Pitas & Cream
A scoop of our Baklava ice cream garnished with cinnamon pita points. $4.25

Our own homemade cheesecake. Ask for today’s flavor. $5.50

Truly the nectar of the Gods. Delicious yogurt, walnuts and honey served in a glass that you can’t take home. $4

Root Beer Float
Gourmet Sprecher Root Beer and vanilla ice cream. $4.25

Double Chocolate Brownie
Made fresh daily with lots of chocolate, blood orange infused olive oil, and dairy-free ingredients. Loads of flavor! $4/a la mode $5.25

The best known of the Greek pastries- many layers of thin filo with lots of honey, cinnamon and finely crushed walnuts. $4 à la mode $5.25


Baklava Ice Cream
Our own Baklava folded into vanilla ice cream. $4

Bottled Root Beer
Gourmet Root Beer from the award-winning Sprecher Brewery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. $2.75 / Make it a float. $4.25

Coke, Sprite, Mr. Pibb, Ginger Ale, Diet Coke (with a free refill) $2

Iced Tea, Raspberry Tea, Lemonade (with a free refill) $2

Hot Tea Flavored tea or Lipton (with a free refill) $2

Milk $2

Dasani Bottled Water $2

Juices (orange, pineapple, cranberry, grapefruit & V8) $2

Horse Power Coffee
Our very own Stone Cutter’s Blend. A well-balanced Costa Rican base, brightened by a dash of light roasted Nicaraguan and finished with a smooth Sumatra. $3.00 for every pound sold goes to People and Animal Learning Services (PALS) located in Bloomington. $2 (bottomless cup)